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Monday, August 19, 2013

Once. And Again

Today was Baby Sister's first day in uniform. Did I mention that we arrive at school at 7.30? In the morning. So you might guess that this photo was snapped in the afternoon. I aspire to once ever getting a photo of them with freshly brushed hair before departure, but at this rate, just leaving the house en masse feels like success.

You should know that Big Sister put them in age order. I was just happy they were all in the same frame and not scratching at mosquito bites. And while Baby Sister has surely grown up too quickly in this last year, we all agreed that this photo makes her look even more like a little girl than she does in real life. She's still our baby. But otherwise, there's no illusion: Big Sister's legs are that long as are Big Brother's feet. He needs those big shoes! All the better to score 4 soccer goals today. Bless.

I'm taking even the smallest successes as huge victories these days. I managed one photo, but even more, we are making our way here. Moving is for toughies. We're not always tough, but so far we've been on time and in matching clothes. We're working really hard and celebrating when we can.

Thanks for cheering for us. I know I'm terribly behind in sending actual emails, but if it is any consolation, we did buy a dining room table.

Moving. Moving forward. Or should I say driving? Seems I'm always in that car these days. Good thing we can roll down the windows and shout out the songs. We couldn't do that on the 274 to Lancaster Gate. Nor could we cart a dining room set home. Small victories. The days we'll remember, even if we won't necessarily want to revisit them once we've powered through. We're in the hardest bit of being new and we're plugging away. And managing to take a few pictures of it all.  xo

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Believe in Nashville

Inching our way to normalcy here. We keep getting nearly unpacked and organized and decorated. And then another shipment arrives and we begin again. But all of our belongings are now together. Hooray!

The biggest three kids already have two days of school under their belts. With happy reports and smiley faces.

Meanwhile, we're drinking sweet tea (and an occasional moonshine!) from Ball jars while swatting at the mosquitos. Enjoying biscuits and BBQ. Going native to be sure.

When the scent of cardboard boxes doesn't fill every room, I promise to tell you all about it. In short, our welcome to Nashville has been warm and the smalls have been extraordinary. We believe.