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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Chandeleur Dinner in Nashville

I'm sharing a beloved crepe recipe and the Candlemas Day/Chandeleur tradition with our friends in Nashville. And remembering this post from a few years back and how special those days were. Bears repeating:


Our Lovely School. Lighting the Way.

If I told you how sweet our school is, your heart might burst.  I know mine nearly did this morning at Mass in the school's "hall" with 200 adorably uniformed little people singing with their lovely British accents, celebrating Candlemas.

One day I'll tell you all about school and how good they've been to us.  How it was love at first sight and sound for the Mister and me.  How staff and families have welcomed us so graciously.  I'll tell you how the school day begins when the Head Teacher comes to the courtyard to ring a giant bell.*

But today, for the first time we are celebrating Candlemas.  At school, at church, and with French friends over crepes tonight.  It is a charming, lively, and daily education living here. I'll have to be sure to remind the children about the traditions of Groundhog Day tonight. But for today, we're shining more light into the world and working to make others happy.  It is a tradition we'll carry on.

*I found a similar bell on Portobello Road. Someday, I am going to ask the Head Teacher to ring mine. Sort of like giving someone a flag flown over the US Capitol, only I'm going to keep it.