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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crystal Clear Occasion

On a beautiful fall morning fifteen years ago, we started our life together. Who could have imagined the adventures ahead?

I love looking at this picture and seeing us beaming with delight (my grin perhaps also mildly enhanced by pain killers. But that's another story!) and thrilled to be in each other's arms. I feel that way in multiples. I am still tickled that I get to say, "my husband" and not be playing Mrs.

And who knew that one day digital photography would let us cut out that band member's car from the photos? (Someday I'll actually attempt that fix.) Or that a little girl or two would wear that veil for her First Holy Communion? That we'd travel across the country and throughout Europe with a growing gaggle of little people? All part of God's plan - for which we're grateful.

This year's traditional anniversary gift is crystal. Crystal ball or not, I see many, many more years of happiness with my very best friend, captain of our ship, and love of my life. Happy anniversary to the best! Also the most handsome.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Rooting for History

Or should that be roses for the Roosevelts?

Everyone seems to be immersed in the Roosevelts these days. Us, too. Last night we were all camped out in front of the tv watching Ken Burns begin to unfurl American history through the Roosevelts and we'll be there all week.

The stories and pictures of Theodore Roosevelt's early life were made even more special because we toured his childhood home in NYC this spring. That was the Mister's idea. Hearing narrators echo what the kids already knew and seeing the home just as they'd left it a few months ago was fantastic. 

I must get out a gaggle of teddy bears for our next viewing party. Particularly since our house is so light on taxidermy. But a teddy bear trophy room? We could absolutely pull that one off.

Glued to the tube, albeit for good purposes, wasn't family night, though. We celebrated that a few hours earlier by going to the movies (about an annual event for our crew) to learn a bit about sea life thanks to Big Sister's latest interest. 

Quite possibly the most entertaining part of going to the cinema with our brood is seeing what Baby Sister wears. I'm so sorry I didn't get pictures. Like her mother (who packed comfy socks and a light blanket), she likes to get really cozy to see a flick. So we weren't too surprised to look over during the previews and see Baby Sister getting into her pink fuzzy bathrobe and slippers. ha!

It takes a lot of brain power to learn. Might as well be comfortable doing it, right? And that little lovey is her Kindergarten's "Special Person of the Week." Special indeed!

What could be more special than Roosevelt himself on the value of life in a busy household: "For unflagging interest and enjoyment, a household of children, if things go reasonably well, certainly makes all other forms of success and achievement lose their importance by comparison."

Hooray. And three cheers for things going "reasonably well" -- I love it.  xo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Too Much Fun

You must come see some of the best and most delightful offerings in Nashville's home decor market.

I may have told you -- Gas Lamp was and continues to be our very favorite place to shop in Nashville. We had it programmed into the GPS while we were still in the hotel awaiting shipments to be released from Customs. Now I arrive there by the sheer magnetic force of beautiful treasures.

Yesterday I worked at the shop's Fall Fiesta. If you can call working chatting with some of the area's best designers among gorgeous homewares and vintage goodies. The party there continues everyday. It is such fun to see autumn come to the Gas Lamps. Apples and pumpkins abound. 

Check it out soon and often. Hurry to Gas Lamp Too and look for my space at T164. 128 Powell Avenue in Nashville. 615.297.2250. If you're like me, you'll need lots of time to meander the 25,000 square feet (seriously bountiful) of goodness. Bring a friend and be ready to be wowed.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School on the High Street

I'm thinking much of those who are starting school this week on both sides of the Atlantic. Especially Big Brother's British school friends who are starting their last year at Our Sweet School.

Even though we've been hitting the books for what seems like forever, it is just now back to school on my little High Street at GasLampToo. All decked out for learning in style here. The shop is like an extension of my favorite parts of our home - I love it!

We're all ready for fall with lots of plaid, vintage safety patrol gear, varsity letter, maps, apples, school supplies. All sorts of treasures to engage students young and old. And an alligator and pig, too. Every study hall needs a loyal pet.

For all the learning and on the job training for my shop, I'm the happiest school girl of late. It is delightful. Last week found me at the Nashville Flea Market at the fairgrounds. You must go if you get a chance. Flea marketing is part spatial relations lessons (how will I get all those goodies in the car?) and always, economics. Learning all the time. I'm telling you, this is a super job. The field trips alone are fantastic.

And with apologies for these poor pix (I promise I wasn't trying some vintage filter!), check out these two vintage treasures. They're from another shopping spree altogether. The next time we get over to this house I'll get better snaps to share. Meanwhile, fingers crossed these will someday be part of our new kitchen. 

New beginnings in the midst of old treasures. A good report from your (school) girl Friday.