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Friday, February 20, 2015

Going S'nowhere Fast

Even for a local move, we've not made it terribly far. At all. We're stuck in our old house a bit longer. Once again the house smells like moving boxes. We've had a bit of extra fun this week and no school since last Thursday. Our 4 day Winter Break was extended by a few bouts of ice and snow. Moving is on hold.

Biggest Brother didn't have cause to fire up the snowblower, but the first round of ice was absolutely beautiful. (She says because they didn't lose power. Yet! Round Two is pelting the house noisily now. Good thing Biggest Brother kept flashlights out from the packers. Also that he has a can opener on his Leatherman. God bless Oldest Children. They are the world's boy scouts.) 

Who thought that oldest child would go sledding in Nashville? You just never know what's coming your way. Life's exciting like that. That's the theme of what I keep telling the girls. They're feeling a little unsure of another house, another change. Or maybe it is the prospect of sharing a room. 

So this week, when we weren't slipping and sliding (and dripping faucets in both houses) we've been enjoying an unexpected vacation in the toasty indoors. What seems a week of Fat Tuesdays. 

All this weather also means our new house remains not quite ready for prime time. Our moving truck couldn't traverse the ice on the new street today. But we're cozy and home in the old place together. With no plane to catch or new job to start, it seems that if ever a move has to be delayed, this should be the one. I am fairly certain, though that I've brought this weather on us all by bragging that a short, in-town move would be easy peasy. Fates Tempted. 

Meanwhile, our things are all boxed up and we'll be in the new house next week. Even though it is Lent, this promises to be a long weekend of Boxing Days. 

Adventures in moving. S'nowhere fast.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lighting Up Our Life

There's no brighter light in our lives than this guy.

And I mean that sincerely.  I've seen and chosen more lights, fixtures, bulbs, wattages and dimmers in this renovation than I care to discuss. So I can say with great authority that our guy is the brightest, the sharpest light, a gold standard of brilliance.

We were thrilled to celebrate him today and are extra excited that the basketball team he coaches (Big Brother's) pulled off a hard fought victory this weekend. An early gift!

His fan club gathered around en masse to cheer him (and enjoy a little chocolate, too).

He's surely the captain of our ship. Leader of a rowdy, motley and adoring crew. Always.

It is really happy days to think that he'll be enjoying his next birthday cake in this kitchen.

He's earned that all. The pub. His own office space. And so, so much more. Cheers to our love!  xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sunny and Bright

This new house is going to be something else.

We've never been afraid of color. I remember telling a dear friend (with impeccable taste and refined color all over her walls) that our La Grange powder room would be orange. The colors in our new house are going to give that one a run for its money. And maybe after years as tenants we've about lost our minds with an eagerness to paint.

Along with a backdrop of grays, we'll have turquoise, two shades of pink, orange, light blue, red, black (the Mister's music room will be "inkwell") and yellow in the new place.

Can you stand how neat this hood will be in the kitchen? Speaking of standing -- I should have measured myself up against it, but it is taller than I am! It appears to be a light source but that was just the sunshine coming into the warehouse. We needed a little glimmer on it today as it has become a bit of a trick in these final stages, but that will make it even more worthwhile. This centerpiece of our new kitchen is a piece not meant for the timid. It is meant for people craving crayola color schemes after white on white walls not their own.

So exciting. The Mister and I felt like we were on a field trip when we went to visit it at a local powder coating shop. If only those were our purple porch chairs.

Lots of color to look forward to.