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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Sports

Also, baby it is cold outside. My biggest baby (who just sent 12th birthday party invitations -- how did THAT happen?) started his spring soccer season this morning. In the cold. And rain. Also fierce wind.

No matter. He had a great time with a super bunch of boys. And a wonderful (albeit frozen) crowd of little siblings to cheer him on.

As the boys happily (of course they were happy -- they ran around in the rain and mud for an hour and won 6-0!) jogged off the field to rousing cheers, one mother yelled, "THIS is love! Remember this one day!"  


We love you, Biggest Brother. I am especially happy that after we thawed out we went on a date to see a production of "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream." You're still the best Lysander ever. And all my favorite fairies live in London.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out Like a Lion

Looks like March isn't quite sure what to make of it all. My bunny looks downright mad. I wouldn't blame him for knocking and asking to come inside until May.

Just this weekend he was supervising the kids' water fight.

We know April will be better and that spring really is in Nashville. Trees are blooming, daffodils are out. Even if they're covered in a few snowflakes.

But we know that Southern warmth is coming soon and we can even see a proper summer on the horizon. We're in our last quarter of school (don't judge -- the kids only got 2 weeks off last summer. And one of those was spent in a hotel, buying school uniforms, cleaning the rental house and waiting for shipments to clear Customs).

This mixed up weather is a bit like how we feel these days. Mostly blooming and solid. Growing in Nashville, but still flirting with the previous season of our life.

And I cannot talk about spring and summer without filling you in on our great Spring Break trip to NYC. More soon and always,


Sunday, March 16, 2014


Guess who scored a soccer goal yesterday?

Baby Sister is such a sport.

She had a pitiful crisis of confidence after her first practice (imagining "huge crowds" Bless.) but has come out swinging ever since. When she wasn't enjoying watching her shadow follow her down the field, she did lots of bobbling along with tiny girls in the sunshine. And when her little feet kicked that ball often enough toward and then IN the goal?! Our bit of the sideline erupted.

Her cleats look like Christmas ornaments. Not much bigger than that can.

Four years of cheering for the rest of the gang and being carted around to their practices. Now it is her turn. Hooray and sis boom bah for littlest sis!

Friday, March 14, 2014

You're the Apple of my Pi

That's what I wrote on Biggest Brother's lunch napkin. Happy Pi Day (3.14) one and all. The kids ate pie at school and so begins our Spring Break. Any way you slice it, that equals hip hip hooray!

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Full Jar

It is the time of year for daffodils, purple paper in glass jars and almsgiving. We're three days into doing more with less and feeling so full from it all. 

Yesterday we were to "share a talent" and it was a thrill to hear how varied and well my little people shared their many talents with others. 

And when it comes to talent, I should confess that one talent I'm working on is photography so this is also part of my homework. The kids are thrilled that I'm a bit delayed in getting to my assignments. 

Nothing brings life into focus greater than the quiet reflection of Lent. A slow, deliberate season. Resetting the dials and figuring out how it should all work to make it the very best. Knowing that the moments are passing and that there's just now to get it all into focus. Captured.

To be listening for instruction and heeding the calls. To be a student again and lead by example.

There is much work ahead of us and many more purple slips to encourage our efforts. We'll work together and be better for every attempt at improvement.

Weeks ahead will find us training our eyes and our souls. Shifting our angles. And our hearts.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Out with the Cold

I feel partly responsible for the cold snap as I put out boxwood and pink ribbons on Friday. Topiaries and wreaths were my invitation for warm weather to come and stay. Being nearly March it was about time to get rid of the Valentine's decor and say good bye to all that red.

We surely cannot complain about the winter like most of the rest of you can, but it is always exciting to turn the page toward spring. Which means the front porch gets a bit of change.

I love boxwood but boy, it is pricey (and too delicate for outside decor).  I bargain hunted for real boxwood wreaths at Christmastime and am eager to give them a new life this spring. They'll get beribboned TLC inside near grapevine nests and wooden eggs.

For the front door, I found faux boxwood garland at the craft store and wound it through an old grapevine wreath. The urns? Would you believe they are $11 at Lowe's (which offset the expense of the big faux topiaries). I'm not crazy about artificial plants but these will endure and can be repurposed outside for other seasons (maybe with lights next Christmas? or wrapped in big red and white gingham bows?) and they look especially nice if you're not inspecting them up close.

But today we got ice and a dusting of snow (and a day off school!) so Baby Sister "made an igloo for a ladybug" while wearing a snowsuit. I think the only one who heard the siren song of my spring greenery was Jack Frost.

Here's hoping we'll soon all be in with the new and out with the cold. And meanwhile, stay warm (while you're snapping up bargain urns)!