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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out Like a Lion

Looks like March isn't quite sure what to make of it all. My bunny looks downright mad. I wouldn't blame him for knocking and asking to come inside until May.

Just this weekend he was supervising the kids' water fight.

We know April will be better and that spring really is in Nashville. Trees are blooming, daffodils are out. Even if they're covered in a few snowflakes.

But we know that Southern warmth is coming soon and we can even see a proper summer on the horizon. We're in our last quarter of school (don't judge -- the kids only got 2 weeks off last summer. And one of those was spent in a hotel, buying school uniforms, cleaning the rental house and waiting for shipments to clear Customs).

This mixed up weather is a bit like how we feel these days. Mostly blooming and solid. Growing in Nashville, but still flirting with the previous season of our life.

And I cannot talk about spring and summer without filling you in on our great Spring Break trip to NYC. More soon and always,


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