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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Full Jar

It is the time of year for daffodils, purple paper in glass jars and almsgiving. We're three days into doing more with less and feeling so full from it all. 

Yesterday we were to "share a talent" and it was a thrill to hear how varied and well my little people shared their many talents with others. 

And when it comes to talent, I should confess that one talent I'm working on is photography so this is also part of my homework. The kids are thrilled that I'm a bit delayed in getting to my assignments. 

Nothing brings life into focus greater than the quiet reflection of Lent. A slow, deliberate season. Resetting the dials and figuring out how it should all work to make it the very best. Knowing that the moments are passing and that there's just now to get it all into focus. Captured.

To be listening for instruction and heeding the calls. To be a student again and lead by example.

There is much work ahead of us and many more purple slips to encourage our efforts. We'll work together and be better for every attempt at improvement.

Weeks ahead will find us training our eyes and our souls. Shifting our angles. And our hearts.

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