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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crystal Clear Occasion

On a beautiful fall morning fifteen years ago, we started our life together. Who could have imagined the adventures ahead?

I love looking at this picture and seeing us beaming with delight (my grin perhaps also mildly enhanced by pain killers. But that's another story!) and thrilled to be in each other's arms. I feel that way in multiples. I am still tickled that I get to say, "my husband" and not be playing Mrs.

And who knew that one day digital photography would let us cut out that band member's car from the photos? (Someday I'll actually attempt that fix.) Or that a little girl or two would wear that veil for her First Holy Communion? That we'd travel across the country and throughout Europe with a growing gaggle of little people? All part of God's plan - for which we're grateful.

This year's traditional anniversary gift is crystal. Crystal ball or not, I see many, many more years of happiness with my very best friend, captain of our ship, and love of my life. Happy anniversary to the best! Also the most handsome.


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  1. Happy anniversary! My favorite post ever. It's the day it all began. What a blessed fifteen years it's been and here's to many more adventures.