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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Treasure Hunting in Nashville

The Mister and I've had such fun treasure hunting in Music City lately. Every find is better than the last. This city has so much character. In the people and places. It is full of hidden gems. Our favorite parts of Nashville are the quirky old bits (Quirky Old Bits also being a great name for a band) which are lovingly updated. 

So as we've settled into our new town, we've happily been on the hunt for the best of Nashville's cool old charm.

We found this beauty straight out of Darren and Samantha's Bewitched kitchen.

We fell for this 1955 RCA Victor.

And dozens of vintage Jack Daniels barrels stacked two stories high.

We stumbled upon these retro bathrooms that make rainbows envious.

This old pub is oozing with history. If those walls could talk, right?

I adore this atomic age restaurant booth.

We loved it so much that we bought it. 


These goodies and so much more are parts of our new home! Can you stand it?!  I wish you were here to walk through it right now. Just like us, you'd scream and squeal when you see it. You might even do a little dance of glee. It is the coolest. We're in love. 

Our new house is a complete departure from the train line Chicago suburbs and a pre-war flat in London. The kids may get architecture degrees by osmosis.

This gem needs some TLC and a few updates so we're not moving for a while (whew! I'm in a bit of denial about boxing up our life again), but we spent a fantastic afternoon there today exploring inside and out. Much as the small people loved the house itself, the enormous backyard really won them over. They have an especially neat part of the house to call theirs. A pocket door, that blue bathroom and maybe even one big bunk room!

In what's becoming the story of our life, finding this house was unexpected but equally meant to be. We're thrilled to carry on its legacy from the original owners and their four children.

So thanks for reading along for this new chapter. It promises to be full of vintage goodness. And a whole lot of Jack Daniels. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, what fabulous news!

    Can't wait to see more pics of this house and your plans for it.

    Glad you're putting down roots!