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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fired Up for 2012

Yesterday, the day before the Opening Ceremonies, was called "Super Thursday" and indeed it was super. I still can hardly believe our great fortune -- the Olympic Torch Relay went right below our flat!  We draped an American flag out the window.

And we threw a party!  Lots of our school friends who've not yet jetted off for their summers came, as did our beloved babysitter and the proprietress of our corner pub. It was the perfect kind of party - snacks, great fellowship, and pitchers of Pimms. We transformed our flat to an international celebration. In keeping with the theme, we had friends from Spain, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, Ireland, England, Portugal, and America.

With the crowds huddled around all the windows, we cheered and waved, danced and sang as the torch and all its fanfare went by!  What a thrill.  It was the chance of a lifetime and I hope the children will remember it always. I think I was celebrating a house full of friends and how much we enjoy our flat as much as the Olympics in London.

Earlier in the week I took the kids and some friends to an exhibit where they got to hold actual London 2012 Olympic torch. For Big Sister and one of her friends it was their second time to hold one. Lucky ducks they all are.

Those lucky little ducks like a party as much as I do. They were super in making these chocolate lolly favors and we're grateful for the free downloads that added to the decor. They are such my people in that 2 of them salvaged Olympic decorations (the paper plate rings and poster board torch) from school to decorate the flat AND that they happily made a favor assembly line.

This morning, like people all across the UK, we rang bells to welcome the Olympics. Big Ben rang 40 times. We rung various bells. Big Brother rang the doorbell. Tonight we're going to be treated to a flyover in Hyde Park. It is true that the city is a bit upended and lots of people have taken to saying, "After the Olympics..."as if we're all on pause for a bit, but that's really fine by me. Actually, who am I kidding? It is exciting and great with me. There is no place I'd rather be than in this spectacular front row seat with my best buddies in this wonderful city.

So, let the games begin!

Addendum: Almost forgot to mention that the hostess wore an eye patch.

In a spectacular bit of bad timing, I got a lousy eye 2 days before the party. Strange injuries and maladies know my name. It keeps me humble. This is the same woman used crutches on the sidelines of the Junior Powderpuff Game and more notably, walked down the aisle in a cast. The show must go on.

Of the many, many things to admire about Marie Colvin, is how she made an eye patch (Called an eye shade if you're shopping in a London pharmacy, should you need to know) look amazing. Not to mention that she did so while reporting from war zones. Mine had a few kids miffed that they didn't know it was a "fancy dress" (also known as dress up or costume to Americans) party!  They were all good sports and Baby Sister ended the day by saying softly, "It is okay for you to read me 'Miss Mary Mack' with your patch on your eye" and Big Sister said, "You still look pretty." Love is blind, friends. I could clearly see all the festivities and for that I'm grateful.

Back to The Games.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the link! What a super fun party! How lucky getting to experience the Olympics in London!

  2. I just shared your link on Mirabelle Creations' Facebook page, too! I adore your table set-up with the hanging flags! You made my morning by sharing this with me :)

  3. Oh! That's really dear of you to say so as I got so many compliments on the goodies I got from you. My kids are happily enjoying the leftover favors today and we'll keep the little signs up all summer. We discovered the torch was coming somewhat @ the 11th hour or I would have done more with your pretty things. And you'll have to go back to the post - I just added a photo of my having to wear an eye patch to the you know it wasn't all "just so!" ha and xo!