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Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Sister is a BIG Fibber

Do not be fooled by her sweet countenance. Or the giant innocent eyes. There's really no nice way to say this, but Baby Sister is a bit of a liar. Maybe it is a stage. We can only hope. She is so very creative and enduring in her ability to create complete falsifications. I confess to forgetting some things about the other smalls, but I really don't remember this amount of creativity of excuses.

Maybe it is also that she is given a much broader circumference than the others. Less supervision, if you will. That is surely true, but that's somewhat because she sashays about here like she's 14.

Most commonly heard is this exchange, or a variation of the following:

ME: What are you doing?

BABY SISTER: I don't know.

Let me translate.

ME: It is WAY too quiet. I've had squirrelly 3 year olds before. I can be glad for a moment's peace to finish this coffee/section of the paper/online gobbledygook/something that will require Spanx at my next outing, but I'm fairly sure it comes with a price. So what ARE you up to? And how big is the mess, really?

BABY SISTER: Huh!  So you noticed!?  I'm hard at work at something I clearly shouldn't be doing but am not of the mind to confess to you right now. Also, I love you, Momma!  What are YOU doing?

The Mister and I love to talk about who and what they'll be when they're bigger. For this one, I'm thinking fiction writer. Given her cliched status already as youngest child/class clown, perhaps comedic fiction is best.

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