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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here Comes Summer. And the Torch. Where Are We Going?

I hear you. You're mid-summer or beyond. You're busy at the pool and the beach, BBQing and catching fireflies. We miss that and we miss you. And we're so behind in catching up. There is so very much to say. Finally the end of school and beginning of summer in London. The Olympic Torch is coming! Lots to celebrate in our flat and in London. Finally, finally it is summer.

The celebrating started in earnest two weeks ago when we received much lovely Stateside company to include Kappa Prep and my very own Biggest Brother and his wonderful family.  The Hyde Park summer concerts have begun and there are seemingly frequent concerts in our flat. My Biggest Brother, his wife, the Mister and I double dated for Bruce Springsteen (and Paul McCartney!) in the park. The kids finally finished the school year, Baby Sister visited her Nursery classroom before beginning at Our Sweet School in September, Big Sister had a class Teddy Bear picnic, Biggest Brother played lots of drums, and all the kids were stars in Sports Day. So much to say. So much to celebrate. Hooray, summer 2012 in London!

And we're busy saying goodbye to a few friends who are moving after this term, and others who are graduating from our school, and still more who will spend the six week summer break away from London.  Change is in the air.  Also rain with hooray, a sunny, warm forecast!  Not a moment too soon.

There's a lot going on and also an uptick in talk about where and when we'll be next.  We're not alone in that. There were lots of tears (and not just all mine) among the back row at the last school Mass of the year. The gospel reading was about the confused, worried and sad disciples being comforted by the companionship of a wise man they later recognized as Jesus. As our Pastor does so well, he related to the children (especially those about to graduate to a new school) that while it may be exciting and even scary to begin again somewhere new, that we're never alone. Cue waterworks in the back.  Then these happy children filled our tiny hall with the sounds of "Oh Happy Day!" and you can be sure there was lots of rustling around purses for tissues.

While our relocation (or staying put) is in flux, I'm dreaming of renting one of the charming cottages in Hyde Park after we ship our belongings wherever we're headed. It served us well to camp out in a rental with minimal belongings and arrive in our new environs with most everything. The Mister has pointed out the rentals I have in mind are much more expensive than our flat. Details, I say. A girl's gotta dream. It makes this in between stage a little more bearable. As I told the Mister, who is on the front lines of negotiating The Next Thing, all of this is equally "heartbreaking and thrilling -- but time passing and greater faith makes me sure the right thing will happen 'next,' whenever that might be."

Stay tuned.  And by all means, what out for the torch. Word has it one even more real than Big Sister's is heading our way!

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