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Saturday, June 30, 2012

From My Sports Desk

You may not have known I had a sports desk, but I'm opening one today because I'm so upset about David Beckham.

I'm a good sports fan. I enjoy a good game and even more so, the human interest stories behind them. (Who hasn't been fascinated by all the intra-team match ups in the European Cup? Cristiano Rinaldo battling Real Madrid teammates? Man City's Joe Hart versus Balotelli?). Make no mistake. I'm no expert. I had no inkling what RGIII meant embedded in an email from one of my most sporty friends. "Whaaat?"  I asked the Mister.

But I know what I like and love to get caught up a good competition. We were very fortunate to be in Chicago when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup.  I got so excited that I made a faux cup for the dining room table to greet the smalls over breakfast the morning after the finals. But I hadn't paid attention to hockey before or since.

Football is king here and no time like the present to be engaged in it. I'm so impressed with how much the boys have picked up from playing with their European friends. And say what you will about UK export, David Beckham (Big Brother is aghast that I could cheer for someone so tattooed!) and his penchant for appearing in public in his undies, that he's a dad of four alone makes him a star to me. I also like that he's adjusting to life in the US as we settle into his environs. And I really like that he at least claims to do "the school run." Superstar, I tell ya!

I am upset Beckham's not going to play for the UK Olympic team.  DB not with GB? Not OK in my book. Is there a chance for a last minute substitution?

While this may not be popular sentiment, to me, sport isn't just about winning, but also playing the game. Here is where you can be sure you probably don't want me to coach children older than about 4 or 5. Sometimes sentimental favorites should make the team. Frankly, sometimes they just ought to be declared the outright winner.

For this same reason, I'm still smarting about the outcome of the 2001 World Series.

I mentioned all this to the Mister who said things like, "not even among top scorers in the MLS," "MLS not among top world leagues," "Sport is a zero sum game," and "merit should always win the day."  Ouch. And BLAH!  Also, hooey.

S'alright, DB. You'll undoubtedly still be very busy all summer continuing your role promoting the UK and The Games. Your kids will be out of school so you can head over soon without the worry of a practice schedule. And you can eat lots and lots of pie and mash with yer mum while you're in town.

And I'm still hoping you'll get to light the flame at the opening ceremonies. I wrote this yesterday and woke up to the Times Editorial page agreeing with me.

David Beckham eats pie on date with his mum 05.12 - 12SO

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