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Friday, June 29, 2012

Big Brother's First Communion

Where does the time go?  Big Brother already had his "Fourth Communion" (he's keeping track!) at Mass today at school and I've not told you about his first. Today was very special because it was the first time he and his classmates in Year 3 took communion at school. They were so proud of themselves and happy. As they should be. They were feted after Mass with scones and juice in the music room of Our Sweet School. The Headteacher reported they saw the scones and said, "For us? Mass AND scones?! Could today get any better?!" They are that sweet. (Mostly. They are also 8 and always forgiven for when they're not so sweet.)

But back to mid-June. It was a lovely and truly blessed weekend with family celebrating Big Brother and his nice friends. It was delightful that my parents were here!

Big Brother was was so happy and confident -- how wonderful on an amazing day in his life. He has really matured. He is easy and happy, kind and thoughtful. He was ready. He also looked very smart in his tiny suit. So did his darling friends. The girls glowed with their shiny hair done just so and their white dresses ethereal. They were all lovely. They are loved. They are at such a dear age of being big and little all at once.

To commemorate the day, I asked friends, family, teachers and neighbors - friends new and old, near and far to send Big Brother a page for a surprise scrapbook. You would love reading through it just as I know he will for years to come.

One of the most poignant notes was from a dear friend of ours who left London for a life in France with their 4 children. She said to Big Brother, "The day you have been carefully preparing for with all those special classes after school all Winter has finally arrived. All our thoughts are with you and all our little friends from year three. Give them a big hug from us when you meet them on the church steps this morning. I know you realise the importance of this special sacrament and this BIG step you are making in this meeting with Jesus. This is a day of great celebration for you, your family and school friends. I still remember every detail of the day I made my First Communion with my little friends and all my family around and I know years from now you will treasure your memories of your day too. As you head down George St this morning think of all those little boys and girls who throughout the centuries have proudly headed off, like you, with their friends and family to celebrate this special sacrament in their local church. You are continuing on a long tradition and today it is your turn. Enjoy and we all hope that maybe with a bit of luck we might be able to bring you to our lovely local church here in Bordeaux some time soon."

We sure hope so! It was a beautiful day and we were so proud of Big Brother (and Biggest Brother, too for being the altar server) and so thrilled to have Gigi and Granddaddy here.

Bless his heart. And bless yours for praying for him and sending such lovely reminders of a day we'll always treasure.

(Also there was a heavenly miracle of sorts in that I scanned a photo. Without the aid of a 10 year old. Amen. Rejoicing ensues!)

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