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Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Sister Turns Three. Twice

This lovely bit of summer deliciousness turned three last week in Spain. Her siblings can be forgiven for thinking that it is now our norm to celebrate birthdays by exploring a foreign country.

Despite all the fanfare in London, we escaped the rainy, chilly city just after Our Sweet School's Jubilee tea party for the kids' half-term break. A week on a Spanish beach. Sun, sand, books, football, chiringuito. Repeat times seven. Add a side trip or two to Portugal, lots of local ham, Cruzcampo and sand buckets and you have a sense of our week.

It was great to get away and we lost track of time most days. As evidence, we feted Baby Sister on Thursday - two cakes, gifts, candles, pink balloons, lots of singing and good cheer. The whole nine yards. Then Friday, I checked my cell phone and noticed that was actually her birthday!  Even though Biggest Brother is eager to tell his friends that "my mom forgot my sister's birthday" we really celebrated her twice!  Better early than late, but to be sure, not something that would happen to Baby Number One.

Still. I can be forgiven for getting my days mixed up when it doesn't seem like many days ago that the boys and Big Sister were huddled over a bassinet in Illinois.

"Do you like hawses? Do you like dina seurs?" Big Sister asked, already so interested in this little creature about to become her best girlfriend. Not surprisingly, Baby Sister slept (and sometimes stared) through the rapid-fire questioning.  She still stares, wide-eyed at her beloved Big Sister.

I wish Biggest Brother and Big Sister could see even for a moment what the Mister and I so often do. Especially that Big Brother and Baby Sister often stare with long gazes at their big buddies with obvious, heartbreaking, devotion. It is like they are taking a very, very long mental snapshot of what it is like to be Big. The youngest of 4 myself, and a little sister to a fancy Big Sister, I completely relate. I still want to know what is in my Big Sister's purse. I very much get it.

Maybe that it why I was extra touched that when we celebrated a sibling last, Big Sister appeared mid-way through Biggest Brother's sleepover in her Chips The Fish costume. And why I was so grateful that Biggest Brother and Big Brother were very kind to her obvious plea to be noticed. To be included. Hooray, and unending thanks to all you Big people who look out for the rest of us!

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister. It was well worth slogging through the mountains of Jubilee newspapers in pajamas this morning and trudging to the Jubilee souvenir exhibit while dodging raindrops this afternoon to celebrate you on the beaches of Spain.

You're a super little girl and we're all terribly in love. You'll always be our baby. We're doubly glad you're ours.

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