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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Scared of the Zoo

Everyone thinks their children are funny. In my case, I'm pretty sure I'm right. Big Brother cracked me up with this revelation yesterday over breakfast:

Big Brother:  I'm kind of scared of zoos.

Me:  Really? Why's that?

Big Brother:  You know those glass window things in inside exhibits? The ones where there are chipmunks and snakes and things?...

Me: Uh, huh (Also: where's my coffee?).

Big Brother: So many times when you're looking in at them Nothing Is In There. And I'm looking for it behind rocks and leaves and sticks. And then I start to wonder, "Where is the animal? Is it crawling on the floor? Is it about to jump on my head?" That part makes me sort of scared of zoos.

ahahahaha!  I'm telling you I couldn't help but to laugh.

Now, if he was a nervous boy, I'd find this pitiful and thought provoking. But Big Brother is a pretty carefree soul these days so I took it for what it was - just pure 7 year old boy observation that is truly comedic.

So worry-free our guy is that his classmates were in awe that he wasn't a bit nervous about making his first confession this week in preparation for First Holy Communion. He was actually beaming on his way in!

I understood his lack of nerves on this account, though. This is a little guy with a clean heart, a clear conscious. A sweet boy with a kind heart. He has lots of God's grace and shares it with us readily. I was fairly sure he'd not have too terribly much to say on his own account during confession and would feel compelled to address his Mother's transgressions instead to fill the time. Although it was a private moment with the priest, from what I understand, I didn't come up (this time). Whew.

So, my sweet boy is very dear and also really funny. Not because he's trying to be, but just because what goes through his head is undeniably comical.

I love Big Brother.

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