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Friday, December 2, 2011

Four Minutes to Festive

Before you go thinking that one of the Hyde Park swans came across the street and exploded on our front door, let me assure you that in fact we are starting to decorate the flat for Christmas.  This is my "Four Minutes to Festive" feather Christmas wreath.  It is a little whimsical decor that gets us in the spirit and most importantly, was able to be completed between Big Sister's Christmas assembly* and picking everyone up from school.

This confection can adorn your door in just a few easy steps:

STEP One:  Gather supplies.  Many of these are likely to be ones you already have on hand.  Well, except two white feather boas.  And if you do happen have those on hand...discuss.  But I suppose you could innocently have a few lurking in a dress up bin.  In which case, Christmas decorating is a fully authorized reason to steal (really just borrow...unless you want to keep it up for Valentine's and just swap out the tartan ribbon) from small girls.  Especially if they are your offspring.  Anyway.  You need two white feather boas, ribbon, baubles and a wreath form.  In my case, still navigating life in London, I used a 12" embroidery hoop from John Lewis but a white styrofoam wreath form would be best.  I bought the boas there too.  For £16 each.  The Mister suggested months ago never to think about the dollars to pound conversion, but I just know Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnn undoubtedly have them much cheaper. I also bought clear thread to secure the boas to the hoop but didn't end up using it.  I love that this is a simple project and if you manage to do it without buying £32 worth of boas, it is inexpensive, too!

STEP Two:  Wrap boas around wreath form.  If you use a styrofoam wreath, it would be good to secure them with several floral (big pearl end) pins.

STEP Three:  Pick up dozens of pieces of a broken ornament Baby Sister has tossed across living room while "playing ball with the pretties!"

STEP Four:  Add bow and embellishments.  The possibilities here are limited only by your ribbon collection.  A lime green bow with a few pink touches would be very pretty.

STEP Five:  Wait in eager anticipation for Royal Mail carrier to notice the new wreath!

*Big Sister sang a solo.  Did you know the British sing "Away in a Manger" to an entirely different tune?  Of course they do.  She was nervous but you sure couldn't tell as she belted it out, her smiley face beaming above her tiny shepherd costume.  I tried to get it all on video but got a little misty watching and it was tricky to juggle Baby Sister on my hip, too so she may have to do an encore tonight.  Big Brothers were treated to her dress rehearsal in school yesterday.  Biggest Brother said he was so proud of her that he cried.  (When I asked him for more details - knowing full well we've poured lots of sentimental happy tear genes into our smalls - he said, "Well. Only a little bit.  I was at school.").

Hearing 60 dear British children tell the story of Jesus' birth is about the sweetest way I can think to spend a morning.  So you can understand why I was eager to bring the Christmas spirit to our new home today.  That is, after I got this deliciousness inside. She sat on our front step for a bit waving to cars, cabs and buses.  Surely if she'd known a project involving white feather boas awaited she would have hustled right in.


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