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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Big Sister Chronicles

Big Sister turned six this week!  She's a doll in every sense of the word and a real joy. So it is only fair that there's been lots of celebrating her here.

All the girls from Year One came over for a lovely afternoon with Mary Poppins. Big Sister was a sweet little hostess and happy to snuggle up with her best buddy for the crafts.

Like last year, she asked to go to the pub for her birthday dinner. It is hard to imagine that this time next year we won't be here doing this. Perhaps we'll have to make bangers and mash Stateside, but it won't be the same without the pub folks who've come to adore Big Sister and love to fuss over her extra on her birthdays.

Big Sister is changing and growing before our eyes. She's still a tough little cookie, but not quite as mercurial as days past. She is a blend of feminine with 2 big brothers and a smarty pants, too. She asked to pack "trainers" for school so she can play football and rugby at breaks. She bonds with boys in her class about Ahsoka Tona, the skateboard park, and LEGOs while mixing well with the girls about Irish dancing, glitter and all things pink.

Her favorite gift was a camera, so she's our new in-house photojournalist. I live in fear of the day she'll report on my degree of mercurial personality swings and post candid snaps online. One day, my friends...but not yet.

And the Tooth Fairy came for the first time for our little lady!  Mary Poppins, lots of friends, pub food, and pounds tucked under pillows. A magical birthday celebration to be sure. Happy, happy birthday, Big Sister from your very big fan club. We love you.

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