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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On Top of the World

Looking down on creation. I so hope you are now singing that Carpenter's song.

Anyhow, on Bonfire Night Biggest Brother and I snuck out (and completely ignored how exhausted we were from the late night return from Italy) to enjoy about twenty fireworks displays from atop the London Eye.

Biggest Brother, who'd missed touring the London Eye when his cousins visited the first summer we were Londoners (poor guy was at school!) had just asked me if he and I could have a "date" together. I am never one to let a date request go unanswered. And what a date it was!  It put most other dates to shame.

Starting with the London Eye on Bonfire Night. I've been known to tell visitors that they can surely skip the London Eye. Even if it begins with a 4D movie, for which I'm a big sucker. But if you insist on going, I'm going to insist you go at night, and time your ride for the 8pm start of most Bonfire Night fireworks displays. You will be treated to dozens of them from high, high above London. But even before the fireworks, the lights of London were brilliant.

We browsed through Foyles, one of our favorite bookshops, enjoyed buskers, and even stumbled upon a coffee festival!

Then we rode a carousel. I'm telling you, this date will be tricky to top!  And long beyond when his siblings were surely in bed making zzzs, Biggest Brother and I were sitting down to sushi.

The whole evening was wonderful! The very best part was the company.

Biggest Brother is so deserving of all these treats and more. He makes the Mister and me very proud. He is an exceedingly nice little guy and is hugely responsible and endlessly entertaining, helpful and kind with his siblings. He is the quintessential big brother and earns every bit of the fanfare he and I enjoyed. It is a date I'll remember always. Here's hoping he does, too!


  1. My recommendation is to go on at sunset - it's light when you get on but dark by the time you get off.
    When we went on I had no idea that we'd timed it that way, but it was excellent. The lights are amazing!