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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love, Cont.

We're having a (tennis!) ball of a time going to and fro during this half-term break. We're enjoying lots of great company and places to visit here and further afield.

Sunday we went to what is now one of my top recommendations when you're in London: The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. (Note: the posting about the Wimbledon Table Tennis Museum will be at a later date.) Other than envy of my tennis-playing girlfriends' adorableness in their gear and the major stars of the sport, I knew really nothing about tennis before walking through the gates.

But it will capture you and dare I say it, bring more than a few tears to your eyes to (almost) walk out to Centre Court and to be part of a dramatic build-up (via a 3D movie!  My favorite and not just because it is a hoot to see Baby Sister parade around in the glasses for the rest of the day! "I'm gonna sweep in these!") of the behind the scenes preparations for the Men's 2012 Championship.

Starting with the kids ordering crumpets for lunch, it was a wonderfully interesting, educational, interactive, exciting and touching day. Museums these days are nothing, nothing, nothing at all like the staid life size dioramas of dusty cavemen and taxidermied animals my generation was raised on. To curators the world over who make museums so amazing for my family and me, I raise a flute of champagne and dish of strawberries and cream to you.

And speaking of those delicious treats, you can be sure I'm now fully inspired to host a Wimbledon-themed party this summer. So let the chilly breeze whip through London again because my mind is on tennis whites, cool drinks and better favors. You're invited!

We all had to attempt our faux tennis swings. Can you tell I think the Mister is sooo funny?!  And Big Sister clearly is a mean competitor. The rest of us are swinging imaginary baseball (maybe rounders?) bats or golf clubs...

The museum is an easy Tube and bus ride from our place and a must do when you're in town next. Meanwhile, enjoy the shots of us enjoying it all. And then take a moment to ponder Rudyard Kipling's "If" which adorns the players' entrance to Centre Court.

A great day out learning about history, technology, traditions and tennis. And love! 

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