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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Presso Il Porto Turistico

Lots of playing on the beach and touring the marinas. We're so relaxed and have forgotten any sort of schedule. 

Playing in the Golfo de Castellammare.

The Mister made a lovely dinner.

After dinner, I chatted with the chef while the kids snuggled on a swing investigating villa wildlife. 

These four little heads in a row and all the associated piggies were part of our pretty view. Our after dinner conversation was about how fortunate we are and how much we've enjoyed our European experience. About how we couldn't have imagined it all (and all of them) not that terribly long ago.

We went to Castellamarre in search of gelato. The harbor views in the shadow of the mountains were spectacular.

Three cheers for the chef and driver of adventurous European routes, too!

A marina-side meeting of the non-freckle team. Baby Sister sporting her Sicily souvenir - handknit owl purse.

We watched the night fall over Castellammare from the hilltop. A great ending to a wonderful day. Not how I think we'll spend next Memorial Day. Soaking it all up. Every. Single. Bit!

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