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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beating Retreat

The drumbeats of our departure have begun. This decorates my kitchen.

The movers come this week for our sea shipment. My kitchen counters are in complete disarray. Emotional status similarly askew. Real time. Real mess. This is much of the "don't pack yet" pile that needs to find an orderly home in the next few hours. While we sort through our life's collection, the flat is on the market and enduring showings in hope of finding its next lucky tenants.

We know once the sea shipment goes, it will be painfully obvious that we're temporary here, but it will also be somewhat liberating. And it will be (hopefully, if the timing works!) wonderful to be new in Nashville with all our "old" things already there and just waiting to be unpacked. We've found it is easier to live with less in the known place. 

But no time like the present for celebrating!  Baby Sister turned FOUR (cannot believe it either, friends!) this weekend. She spent the day at Buckingham Palace watching the rehearsal for Trooping the Colours. We all walked over (some biked, some scootered) and had a picnic lunch during a hiatus in the trooping. Then Baby Sister and I stayed for a bit longer to soak up the pageantry. It was a sweet way to be with my baby on her birthday.

I'm fairly sure that Baby Sister won't turn five in the shadow of Buckingham Palace with cupcakes from Selfridges. You heard me right. I still haven't baked her cake. It was that kind of weekend. Did you see my kitchen?  

A little messy and sentimental, a lot of fun and the band plays on! Lots of pomp and circumstance and all sorts of celebration. 

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