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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last Bits of Summer

We're kicking up our boots and making a splash. Even tho the reality of uniforms and actual bedtimes has set in, we're still getting to the pool and treating ourselves however we can. The last of our summer houseguests have departed and we're back to school. What a wonderful summer it was. Or has been. We're easing into school days gradually. If the pool is still open, summer can't really be over, right? 

A tiny bit of denial can be your friend. So can a chic crossing guard. 

We're so grateful for all the company we received this summer. AND for not being new this fall. I have forgotten how delightful it is to be in the second year of a posting. When things are fresh, new and exciting but when you've traded fear for familiarity. When you have a healthy list of favorite people and things to do. When homesickness for the last place has eased. Less crying in public and more feeling normal. Feeling welcome and at home.

The above is just a glimpse into our first week and doesn't count as the official back to school photo without Big Sister. Bless her heart - she was so eager to get to her class that I didn't want to delay her a moment.  I did snap her on the stairs before we left the house. Check out her M&S Mary Janes (and super long legs)! I am tickled that my little American school girls requested a bit of London as part of their school gear (and that M&S ships free to the US). Also, bless her heart - Big Sister started at the orthodontist this summer. Here's to Number 3 doing something first!   

So far so good on our second year in Nashville. We're graduating to new stages so happily and together.

We loved sharing Nashville with friends and family this summer. Exploring, showing off our favorites and discovering even more things to do, see, eat and learn in Music City with company was a highlight of the time off. We'll continue exploring all fall.

Meanwhile, tho the pool still beckons.


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