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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to Business

The pool towels are still getting lots of use these days, but so are backpacks and number 2 pencils. We've been back to school for about a week and settling back into routines. Alarm clocks, PE kits, uniforms, new shoes. Breakfast together instead of staggered pajama brunches. Baby Sister has reluctantly had to give up her show girl hours.

It hasn't been just sorting school supplies. So much has happened since we unpacked from the beach! Buddy went to camp, we drew lots of good ideas from our jar and we hosted houseguests galore.

Our favorite parts of summer were showing off Nashville to family and friends and being tourists in Music City.

To distract ourselves from missing our camper, we ventured a little out of town (just one "CHiPs" episode of a drive) to go blueberry picking.

We came home with such an abundance that Baby Sister had a blueberry stand!  I really should have done that canning.

But who could stand in the way of my tiniest entrepreneur?

Sunshine, blueberries, red wagons and boogie boards. I miss it all already!  Happy school days one and all. xo

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