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Friday, March 9, 2012

New Friends. Fresh from the Oven

I was so tickled to be invited to meet other London bloggers for a lovely brunch that I decided to bring my new friends little cookie favors. Baby Sister was sweet company and a big helper in making these easy gingerbread Queen's Guards. We used our project as an excuse to take a field trip to SW3 and Jane Asher Sugarcraft, a bakery and baking supply store.  Some of their cakes were so pretty that Baby Sister declared they looked like "toys." The shop is as delightful as any toy store could be. Baby Sister likes Sloane Square (it's where the smalls get their hair cut. Fancy them! I go across the street from our pub. Next door to our dry cleaners.). As always, I spent most of my time craning my neck looking for Middletons.

Step One:

Come to "work" dressed the part in an apron and one of Momma's tanks (aka "vests") worn as a dress. And always, heels.

Step Two:

Roll out gingerbread men. Add elongated heads by attaching Easter egg cut outs to support their hats. Just like making "slip" in clay projects, attach with a bit of water.

Step Three:

Dust work surface with powdered (icing) sugar. Roll out and cut uniform parts from colored fondant. Ice cookies with a thin layer of buttercream to attach. I got a bit carried away with the Playdoh-like consistency of this batch of fondant and focused on appearance versus taste. Ideally it would be rolled thinner.

Step Four:

Use damp pastry brushes to "paint" away the excess sugar. This also creates a pretty sheen on the cookies. Allow plenty of time to dry. Pipe details. We experimented with an edible marker and didn't like the look as much.

Step Five:

Eat reject.

Step Six:

Wrap and embellish with ribbon and a Union Jack card: "How sweet it is to be together." Enjoy with new friends!  Baby Sister gave one to her sweet porter friend in exchange for the many pieces of fruit, kisses, and sunny smiles he gives her.

Step Seven:

Kiss the cook!

More on our on our adventures in brunching are here.  Enjoy! Happy baking. Don't forget your purple heels.


  1. The cookies were so cute & yummy!!! They looked like they came from a bakery. Thanks so much for sharing them!! It was lovely to meet you and the other ladies. I'm looking forward to next time.


  2. That little girl is too cute for words, even when covered in flour. Those cookies are of professional caliber and look DELISH!

  3. Your cookies are AMAZING Jennifer!!!

  4. The cookies are so cute and tasted delicious!!

  5. That's what I have been doing wrong! I have not been wearing my purple heels.