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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Window Onto the World

And a glimpse of history, too!  One man's trash is another's treasure. Those who think this looks a little bit junky will heartily agree that it should have kept going on its way to the "bin." But I am thrilled the man I bought it from rescued it from certain demise. Especially now that it can be my dining room window treatment!

The Mister took off for a few days to another country. Let's see how long it takes him to notice this treasure upon his return!  I mentioned I'd spied it recently and his first question was "how big is it?" This is a learned man. Experienced in these matters. He knows that I made an over 5 foot tall stuffed giraffe the centerpiece of a nursery for a baby not yet arrived in a townhouse already too small.

But how fantastic is this vintage 1937 banner from King George's coronation? How could I resist? What if I told you it was actually meant for his brother, Edward (Queen Elizabeth's uncle)? You can see the original ER printing through the back with GR clearly whipped stitched over top (think Girl Scout patch) when it Edward abdicated the throne. A piece of history that happens to fit my window exactly.

I'm sure the current taping up with duct and masking tape and a few stitches, too won't be a permanent solution (altho I very much hope it will hold until the Mister can spot it over breakfast! I also hope he doesn't get a play by play report from Baby Sister of how I hung it. She was outraged at my standing on the furniture. Mental note: dust footprints off sideboard before company comes this weekend.) but I'm determined this is the right place for this fantastic banner and I was terribly impatient to see how it would look.

I'm pretty sure I heard some of those pie birds below chirping their delight.

Wait 'til the kids see it! Just as they love to plan themed birthdays (and some have even been known to sketch cake ideas! Hooray, my tiny apprentices!) they have begun to adopt my quirks in collecting. Some, though claim not to be terribly enamoured by my funnier "old" things. The Mister wasn't a huge fan of the box of vintage underwear that was nailed in our last powder room. Big Brother goes so far as to have an aversion to ivy covered houses because "they look SO OLD!"  (As if that is a bad thing...?). But the boys sure appreciate my finding old bus blinds for their walls and Big Sister loves her old Girls Annuals.

The kids can be understood in thinking this frog Pelham puppet is creepy. I am a little scared of it myself. I thought it was about time he hopped off the top of the secretary (where his legs dangled over the side and he seemed to leer at us sitting on the couch) to take a special place in the dining room. Have I mentioned that I am a frustrated window display artist?  I have begun a collection of things (in the trade they're "props") for countless events, seasons, and holidays that are a bit quirky. Maybe someday they'll fill the window of a store but until then, I have my own props arrayed on my sideboards. As soon as Easter is over, stand back for All Things Queen's Jubilee. I suspect our beloved Irish handyman may not want to visit us this summer. He'll have fair warning starting with our door decor.

All this treasure hunting and displaying is contagious. Following Our Sweet School's Easter Fayre yesterday, I saw that someone had tucked a teeny prize chick next to a domed cloche on our sideboard, keeping my giant chick company!

This is another part of my job these days. Feathering our nest. With antique banners, dozens of pie birds, and puppets of questionable intent. A collection of sorts. Just like us.

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  1. I think these special touches are great! They add stories to your home :)