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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Different York

In a bit of odd timing, just as we learned we were not moving to New York, we were off for a weekend in old York. By train of course. We See Britain by train.

All good trips start with a pub lunch. Baby Sister was having much more fun than she let on. She was grumpy waiting for bangers and mash.

Sartorial side note: I am wearing a great ebay find - the JCrew La Parisienne sweater, which is sadly obscured by 2 pints in the above shot. This treasure is completely unappreciated by my people. The Mister asked whether the woman intarsiaed (Perhaps you can conjugate intarsia better?) was supposed to be Phyllis Diller. Baby Sister declared her a scary monster.

La Parisienne sweater

But back to York. We hit all the highlights. The Viking Museum is fantastic if you like narrated, slow moving roller coaster-like cars and uber, uber realistic talking animated viking models. The female passengers in my car were a combination of fascinated (me) and borderline haunted house terrified (the girls). Thanks to the Mister for raising the camera above his head to get this hoot of an action shot!  ahahaha!

Really. These talking mannequins were everywhere and although very educational, I'm glad we visited this museum early in the day. I was fairly sure these guys were going to have starring roles in 4 sets of bad dreams back at the hotel. Big Sister is reading this over my shoulder and said, "Oh. You should say that I was scared!"

The National Railway Museum was also super. The kids would tell you about favorite trains, but for me the best was the vintage signage, royal cars and warehouse collection. None of it for sale. Prrr.

We toured the Shambles and the Minster. Bundled up against the cold, wet, and eventually, snow.

We found a quaint, warm shop for tea and sweets.

Our own tiny Crystal Gayle.

And coming full circle, we closed out the weekend in the train station pub. Having "chips" and a Guinness on St. Patrick's Day.

Then we came home to our new reality -- that we're moving to Nashville in August. That requires lots of warm embracing.

And surely embracing the glorious and unknown.

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  1. Ah, we love York! And I love Nashville, good luck with your move :)