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Thursday, March 28, 2013

And They're Off

So begins our nice, long Easter break. It was a wonderful day wearing their own clothes to school and even an early dismissal. We braved the chill and enjoyed an afternoon park date with school friends. The best of my day was seeing them play together with friends and siblings. Big Brother's friends playing with Big Sister, Baby Sister being see-sawed by Biggest Brother's friends. They are friends en masse. We are so fortunate to have these families in our lives and hope they'll come visit us in America. I'm hoping to have a spare bedroom to encourage friends from Our Sweet School to come abroad.

Tuesday was the school's Easter Celebration in which the oldest children told the Easter story to a hall crowded with parents. Big Brother had a last minute speaking part (subbing for a classmate who was sick) and Biggest Brother played guitar and drums. They both sang. I mostly held Baby Sister on my lap and cried into my trusty bandana.

The kids meditate at school. I had the chance to meditate with Biggest Brother's class yesterday (before making kites with Big Sister's class -- it is a good life I lead!) and am determined to add meditation to our to do list over the break. No better time than Holy Week to spend quiet moments in reflection.

There was no quiet reflection at Thursday's Easter Fayre. Mostly because the Mister spun such great tunes. Face painting, games, all sorts of treats. My favorite part was the Easter bonnet parade. Here are my favorite entrants. How much do a love that I put supplies on the kitchen table and they crafted cute hats? Each one a bit different and quirky. Just like my little people. And it says something about Biggest Brother that he not only took great pride in making his, but proudly danced in it, too. He cracks me up!

Biggest Brother got to wear his own clothes to celebrate his birthday this week. When they're back to class they can start wearing their "summer uniforms" which means we've likely seen the last of the smalls wearing their school ties together. Just like their crisp British diction, I hope they'll not forget how to tie a necktie when they're out of practice.

A dear (high school) girlfriend described this as our "senior year" in London and I surely have to watch my heart getting stuck on the countless lasts that we're experiencing. I want to take it all in without hearing the ticking of a countdown clock.

Meanwhile, we're thinking of you and wishing you a very happy Easter.

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