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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Passion Sunday

Palms waved, the sun shone and I snapped my little people snuggled together on the porch.

They really like each other. I could stare at these pix forever - all their limbs tangled up. Buddies!

They also adore their new backyard and scootering all about the driveway. Even if it results in more than a few big gashes to tiny knees. Check out Big Sister's latest badge of honor.

This spring has been super and I have much to tell you later this week but didn't want to wait another minute to share these.

The Mister photobombed my photo shoot! And how much do you love the faux chocolate bunny? He's a treasure from our favorite local antique shop. We'll miss our springtime sentinel when the boxwoods and pink bows are replaced with American flag bunting and brass star.

Those summer days will be here soon but I'm pretty sure that for the moment, these are the days we'll remember.

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