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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy, happy day

This guy turned 12 a few days ago. I see his baby face in this photo. In his twinkly-eyed laugh. He has always been sweet and musical. Kind and funny. Easy to know and like. Somethings I suppose (I hope!) never change.

He has a wide circle of friends and an array of talents. It would be tough to find a nicer guy on the planet. Even if he's trying out a bit of preteen swagger on me.

To celebrate his big day, he helped his team win another soccer game and took a fantastic group of guys (Big Brother and the Mister included) to paintball. He's going to continue celebrating by seeing a London friend this weekend. Hard to imagine that this time next year those boys will be actual teenagers. But still. He's seemed like a little man for a very long time. We used to joke that it was just a formality that the Mister and I would be home with him. That joke didn't last long enough. 

We're so blessed to call him ours. He's always the captain of our team and the leader of an admiring brood. He defines First Born. He's super and even though he thinks it's funny when I say so, I really like him a lot. 

He has earned his stripes this year and then some. Cheering him for his bday. And always!

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