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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Painting the Town

Biggest Brother's 12th birthday party was all about fanfare and fun! He invited his brother and some buddies to go paint balling. Is that a verb?

You may think that 12 is too old for a themed cake, favors and decorations. Do you know me? Or Big Brother for that matter? I'm happy to report that my kids are equally as crazed for themed birthdays as I am. But I kept this one simple and pre-teen boy approved.

I suggested Jackson Pollack books (get it? All those splatters?!) for favors, but Biggest Brother preferred even more simple. Gum balls and silly string in spray cans. Paint and balls both captured. Done.

I'm only showing you this sadly bare table (sans pizza and fruit and veg) to demonstrate that the table cloth was NOT polka dot, but rather indicative of paint balls. Right?

Deferring to the Birthday Boy, simple cupcakes with tiny rainbow sprinkles and bigger gum balls. In a rainbow of colors.

I really wish I'd taken pictures of the boys (and the Mister!) after all their paint balling. As it happened, the girls were off attending a party of their own, so by dinnertime it was just me and a houseful of amped up boys (big and small) excited from a day's shooting paint at each other. Eating pizza, telling their war stories and laughing contentedly. Showing off big paint splatters and bigger bruises.

There is so much about this party that I loved.

Starting with Biggest Brother having made really nice friends here. That's no small affair when you're The New Kid in the sixth grade. You'd really like his friends. They're nice to Big Brother and the girls and just genuinely great to have around. Biggest Brother is such a nice guy that I shouldn't be surprised that he's found nice friends, but I'm still really grateful for them (and their equally nice parents).

Also that the Mister took the gang off for the bulk of the adventure. And that Biggest Brother was genuinely worried about his buddies (especially his little brother) and their injuries after they'd all gone home.

And that I have nearly a whole year before an actual teenager lives here.


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