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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baby Sister Likes Me

She must -- look how fancy she thinks I am! Ours is a mutual admiration society. When I woke her this morning I complimented how lovely she was as she'd fallen asleep wearing a favorite dress (the Big Sister version of her "John Lewis dress" which was effectively her uniform about this time last year. We've just unearthed it from our summer clothes). But I digress. I told her, "You look so pretty in your dress" to which she sleepily replied, "you look so comfy in your pajamas!"

Baby Sister is my shadow and likes to dress alike, too. Apologies for my flash face, but check us out in our matching capes, tank tops and jeans! Sometimes we can even pull off matching jammies.

She's at an age when the every day is exciting. Just this week she held her little fingers up to my ear and proudly demonstrated that she knows how to snap!

It was very sweet to be fussed over at her class' "Muffins with Moms" celebration last week. I got a special pedicure, toured their art gallery (would you believe they painted in the style of Michelangelo on their backs with paper attached underneath a table?) and was served a lovely breakfast.

I've already framed her Momma portrait and cannot wait to get my hands on this huge Jackson Pollack-style piece. I think it is going to hang in the front hallway.

We're in the waning days of having a pre-schooler in our house and that's really okay. There's so much to celebrate and she's going to be a super Kindergartener. And we've got a whole summer stretching out before us. Maybe she'll be our art instructor.

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  1. Adorable, what a budding artist. She's precious, looks like you
    Happy belated birthday to you, hope you did something fun to celebrate.
    Betsy Gordon