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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wide Open for Business

Friends!  I'm here and happily so and glad you are, too. We're positively swimming in lots and lots of summer fun. It is not even the 4th of July and it has been a wonderful whirlwind already. A trip to London, a gaggle of guests, long lie ins and lots of actual swimming, too! And that's before we've even had a beach trip. There is so much to tell you, but first I am tickled to say: I'm open for business!

I've just started an antique business in my very favorite antique mall in Nashville: GasLamp Too! It is where we've found all of our best Southern treasures and was programmed into our GPS while we were camped out in the hotel awaiting our goods' clearance through Customs last summer. (Can you believe that was nearly a year ago?!)

Now I have not just an official purpose to lurk about the shop lots, but even better, to purchase and share things I love. GasLamp has kindly to offered me this great space until my actual booth becomes available in August.

The kids and the Mister have been super to help with set up and display and lots of good cheer. And they've gone without the den for a few months while it has served as my warehouse of sorts. The other dealers have been gracious and welcoming and it is another lovely way for us to make new friends in Nashville. Hooray!

And I've already made my very first sale! A modest one to be sure but you've got to start somewhere, right? I cannot tell you how tickled I am to have started this adventure. Stay tuned.

More soon on our travels to London and all the joy summer has already delivered. And please get out your calendars to plan a visit and come see my shop -- soon and often!  xo

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