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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Movin' Right Along

Are you singing like the Muppets now? Didn't they sing that? I really feel like I've used that same title for a previous post, but given how much moving again feels like déjà vu, repetition feels pretty appropriate.

Apologies for these photos as it is nearly impossible to get good shots w/o actual lights in the house yet.

House is coming along swimmingly. I purchased milk today that shares an expiration date with our move. So I suppose it is coming up. eeeegads. Feels a bit like a baby's due date!

It is hard to believe that in just a matter of days we'll be in our new house. That what still looks like a construction zone will soon be our home.

It is all good news and very exciting. Even if I'm not quite sure how it will all transpire, it sure feels like a "jv" move given that we'll just be down the street from our current place, we don't have to get on an airplane, no one is leaving friends or school behind, etc., etc.

But it still feels strange, this in between time.

I am in denial about the work that awaits us. Maybe because we feel so fortunate to have discovered this treasure and have the chance to make it our own. And because the Mister and I are not so secretly in love with the settling in process.

We love the color the girls chose for their bedroom so much that we're putting it on the front door. Great minds think alike. I'm still trying to noodle thru how to fit two people in that room. So far Murphy beds suspended from the ceiling seem to be the best option. ha!

And every time I walk through this room, I imagine a Christmas tree and our stockings. 

But with all the hoopla over the inside, I think this might be the very best part of our new home. If it is this enchanting on a rainy day in January, I cannot wait to see it the rest of the year.

Home sweet almost new home.

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