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Friday, January 9, 2015

I Think I Mentioned That

Baby Sister is such a peach. She has kept us in stitches lately. We know the wackiness of having really little people around our house is fleeting (The other ones are wacky in their own right, tho -- one of them recently asked the Mister if he needed a wig for upcoming jury duty service! hahahaha. Bless them, having seen ye ole timey wigged barristers in their former city.)

But seriously, Baby Sister takes the cake for the things she says and does. Maybe we notice it more because we know how precious this time is. I feel sure there will come a time when no one wears a cat tail (clipped to the back of her coat) and ears out to dinner. And that's a bit sad.

She gets going with ideas bubbling straight from her head and shares her rapid-fire thoughts without taking much oxygen in. (Where DOES she get that? Must be the Mister's side.)

Here are a few of her latest and greatest from the way back seat:

"Momma. Sometimes when you say something is going to be a little bit spicy, it turns out a LOT spicy. I think I mentioned that. And I know what 'mentioned' means. It means said." [This in response to my saying we'd only be at the gym for "a little bit."]

"I don't remember when Heidi and I became best friends. We just were. One time, when I accidentally kicked her (!) I felt so sad. Like I could cry. So I did." [Who else is thinking she cried because she might have really meant to kick her girlfriend and then felt terribly guilty about it? But I'm not judging. Just driving. And jotting down notes at stoplights.]

And on a religious front,

"Can God see us?"

"How can God be in everyone's heart?"

"Does EVERYONE have opinions?" [Typically. Mine are right, tho. haha. Kidding]. She also asked the same thing about feelings. I was not this philosophical as a five year old. I was just happy if I scored the prize in the Cap'N Crunch box.

I am equally inspired, awestruck and tickled by her musings. She's a sweet, funny, bright and thoughtful little girl. Maybe one day she'll even learn to tie her own shoes. (Not likely soon. That is an area where we get really lazy with the kids. I have never successfully taught an offspring of mine to tie their shoes. Somehow they just do. Eventually. Big Sister just learned to tie hers a few weeks ago. Apologies to every one of my kids' teachers. We all know our strengths and weaknesses.) But Baby Sister's smart enough to have found a good way around that. Lately, mornings can find her snuggled up against Biggest Brother as he pulls an assist on tiny laces on absurdly small saddle oxfords.

We'll all gladly give her a hand with whatever she needs if she promises to keep these good observations coming. That little muffin makes the world a brighter place. I'll leave you with this snap of her dressed as Saint Katherine Drexel for a school report!  Love it. Love her.  xo

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