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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ringing In the New

Happiest of Christmas wishes and happy 2015, too! Still noodling through what cards (new years, we've moved, new address...?) we might ever get to, so until then, we're sending our best.

And to all a lazy two weeks. It sure feels restful here and I hope the same for you, too. We're grateful that the Mister is not only on the same continent that we are, but is also taking lots of time off and we're all better for it. Fully ensconced in our break, I fear the challenge of alarm clocks and uniforms. But that is still a little too far away to worry about properly. It is next year anyway (ha!). And worrying seems really contrary to the concept of a holiday.

We're busy playing new games, reading new books and introducing our new dollies around. Eating and drinking at odd hours and really happy to be doing so en masse. We're loving our sweet little Christmas cocoon. We managed to get out to be tourists for a bit, to a museum and of course for various tune ups -- haircuts, new shoes and routine appointments. But otherwise, for days on end we have happily palled around at home.

In between unregulated fun and Skyping cousins, we've also visited the new house lots. Things there continue to move along at a rapid-fire pace. It looks great and every visit there brings something new. Also seemingly more questions and to-dos but like everything else, it is on a deadline so it will be done soon. Hooray!

I know boxes await us before very long. Before we know it we'll be undoing our household here and unpacking again in our new home. I just put lots of exciting 2015 dates on the calendar (Big Brother starring as Peter Pan in the school play!, Big Sister making her First Holy Communion!, school getting out at the end of May!), so I know in the months ahead we'll be thrilled to have rested during these weeks. I think we're smart to store up our energy a bit.

So that's where we leave this year. In a bit of peaceful disarray and lots of togetherness. We should be so lucky to find ourselves in this same blessed position next year and every year in the future.

Happy new year, one and all!  xo

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