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Monday, December 22, 2014

The House That Jack Built

I've been such a lousy correspondent lately and haven't told you very much about our new house. Like all of our homes, this, our umpteenth in 15 years, seems to have been waiting just for us.

It will be worth the wait.

It is the house that Jack Daniels built. With Saint Henry's help.

The Saint Henry piece is because our realtor, contractor and banker are all tied to St Henry school and church. Then there's Jack Daniel's part. Bless him. Our house's former owner was Jack Daniel's first marketing executive and made his over 40 year career there.

Along with this waycoolerthanIam legacy, I feel sure we bought a bit of TN history. From a couple that built the house in the 50s and raised their four children there. I took our also having 4 children as a sign. The Mister might say the house being way under budget was his sign.

I'm in awe of anyone who can maintain a lovely home for nearly 60 years. Not to mention raise a family (and entertain lots of grandchildren, friends and neighbors if the growth chart in the kitchen is any indication) and leave this charming stove and beautiful bathrooms in Smithsonian preservation quality condition.

There is this wall in what I suppose we'll call the breakfast room (which sounds really pretentious but I'm not sure what else to call it. It's honestly going to be our all day room..) that has the shadow of what must be dozens of picture frames. I'm just sentimental enough to not want to paint over those whispers of family history. Of what were surely baby, wedding and graduation photos lovingly framed and displayed.

I cannot wait to meet the former owners. When the renovations are through and we're settled, we'll have them over to return that growth chart and a piece of wallpaper unearthed in the renovations. And thank them for passing this legacy to us. I hope they'll like that we're maintaining much of their mid-century modern, exposed brick and wood beams. We're just updating a few spots. Making the kitchen bigger. Of course, we're keeping their fantastic booth. The kids' blue bathroom is staying exactly as is. A mid-century tribute. I have to drink more booze or start smoking to do it all justice, tho.

The house is very cool. I confess that the family's connection to a brand that puts Tennessee on the map is also endearing to me. It speaks to my latent corporate historian. Long before people talked about "branding," our house's owner was doing just that. And it wasn't long ago that I was looking at bottles of Jack Daniel's at Selfridges on Oxford Street. All the way across the Atlantic. How weird is my life sometimes? How blessed am I? Just when I was succumbing to becoming a cliched AllDaySoccerSaturdaySuburbanAmericanMom, we stumbled into this treasure of a home.

Surely lots of interesting things (corporate and otherwise) went on in the pub in our basement. I feel a bit unworthy. Seen the elephant and heard the owl, I'm sure.

But worthy or not, the whole super shebang is ours and we can't wait to get into it. And not just because we can finally paint walls again. (Which ones will get chalkboard paint?!) The workmen are plugging away and we're grateful for their labors.

Raising a glass here until you come see it for yourself. It is yet another sign of providence in our life. If you're keeping track, so far our homes have been host to the Junior League of Richmond, La Grange's beloved football coach, WWII and now, Jack Daniel's.

I can hardly stand it.

Here's to mid-century modern turquoise front doors. And retro pink guest bathrooms. Havana's got nothing on us. Come see.


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