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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Decking the Halls, Part I

'Tis the season, friends. We're well into our advent here. Well into the season of mailboxes exploding with greens, candles in the window, spotlights on the door. Just this week, Baby Sister was an angel in the Kindergarten play and the boys beautifully banged on drums at the Christmas concert.

We're making lists for Santa and and decking our halls. It is magical and festive. It is also the season of travel (10-11 hour drives are blessedly behind us!) and school projects, baking and wrapping gifts.
We are keeping a close eye on all the changes happening fast and furiously at our new house. Meanwhile, we're hanging the greens in a rental house for what we hope is the last time in a long time!

Still not remotely close on Christmas cards, tho. They might be "Happy New Year and We're Moving!" at this rate. Meanwhile, I'm sending Christmas cheer and these festive pictures your way.  Next Christmas we won't have such tall ceilings, so we decided to get a very big tree this year. It might be our prettiest one ever. 

There is some debate about my mailbox decor. Actually, less debate and more hysterics that it appears a bit overfed. Or perhaps ready to attack. But I love it!

Other cause for great celebration is that Big Sister actually spoke to Santa for what we think is the first time. I'm sure it is a first to have the four of them sitting with Santa.

I promise to update you on the new house shortly. It is coming along swimmingly! Every time I'm there I am more excited about moving in. Thinking about being in boxes once more gives me hives, but I cannot wait to be settled and start to make it our own. It is a Christmas dream of sorts to think that this time next year we'll be baking cookies in this kitchen. And not just because the kitchen counters are going to be stainless steel.  Bless her heart - Baby Sister asked if that scaffolding was the bunk bed I'd promised the girls!  Ha!  She's surely caught onto my vintage/industrial/salvaged decor at the shop.

Things at the shop are going well, too!  It has been a great problem to have that sales are busy enough that I've had to scurry around like a little elf ensuring that there's plenty in stock. Just this week, Baby Sister (still dressed as an angel) helped me get ready for a busy weekend of shoppers. 

Not trying to rush the season, but I confess I'm eager to get the "to dos" done and mailed so we can all relax together. Enjoy not traveling, roasting marshmallows in the fire, games and puzzles, casual dinners with friends, lazy pajama days, mulled wine, and maybe a little touring around Music City. 

We're celebrating the peace of the season. Reminiscing and looking forward. 

More soon and always, xo.

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