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Monday, December 22, 2014

All Decked Out, Part II

School's out, relaxing has begun and all that is left is to wrap, tie ribbons and bake. And do the Christmas cards. But we're knee deep in choosing paint colors for the new house, so mailed greetings continue to get pushed down the to do list. It may be that this year's are new year's cards with a new address enclosed.

Cards or not (and thanks for sending them even when we've not), it is very festive here.

Big Brother made this beautiful nativity set for a school project. It is both contemporary and classic. So him. It will be a big part of our Christmas decor from now on.  I'm so proud of his efforts and thrilled we get to keep it.

Some of my favorite decorations are a blend of new and old. We collected plenty of treasures when we toured Cologne at Christmastime a few years ago and no matter what the season, I can always find a special spot for a few toy cabs and buses.

I made this boxwood wreath at the base of the pitcher at a Kayce Hughes craft night. The others boxwoods are ones we've kept from last year (and used again at Easter). With a little TLC they manage to stay bright and cheery.

It will be fun to find a home for all these treasures again next year!  As much as we'd like to think that "things" are not important to us, we are all so thrilled to see these goodies get unpacked each year. Sometimes our things can help keep us grounded and create a sense of place. Souvenirs.

And it isn't decor, but I made this pretty appetizer for a party last week. I served one to my family as dinner, too. They would want you to know it wasn't hearty enough to be a main dish but I think they gave it style points! 

This seems to be the season of cheerful deliveries, too. It is "so Nashville" that my FedEx man was happy to report an earlier delivery was for Keith Urban. And just last week he'd been to Vince Gill's house. I wonder if any of their decorations were quite as glittery as ours?

I hope everything at your house is pretty, festive and delicious (and maybe even twinkling with a bit of stardom!). Stay warm and well, merry and bright!  xo. 

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