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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

We're wishing Tinkerbell could provide a little magical assist to help with unpacking, so I promise more details on a very exciting week when we've made a dent in the boxes. Meanwhile, I wanted you to know that Biggest Brother has us all soaring after five fantastic performances as Peter Pan! We've always been in awe of our guy, but even more so now that he can fly!

I want to tell you (and jot down for our own reminders) so many of the amazing parts of it all. And I will. But boxes are calling. I really must get everyone's bedrooms sorted before we start back to another week of school. We'll all feel better sleeping under favorite covers in our new rooms.

But as the curtain closes, a hearty BRAVO to Biggest Brother, the whole cast and crew and the amazing support they received from their school community. It has been a hectic week to be sure, but one filled with blessings and a certain glittery magic, too.

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