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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Sporting Life

We're full on cheering these days. Rooting for our three favorite soccer players. And what some days feels like 300 schedules. (How on earth my girlfriends with large families do it is beyond me. When they're not coordinating carpools, I suspect they're lobbying for children to start driving at about 9 years old. Or maybe 10 and a half.)

We have great cheer for our wonderful sports. And for Big Sister who is their best sideline supporter. She is sure to be the unsung hero of this season and I'll have to remember to celebrate her extra when we've cheered our last game in May. Remind me.

We have great cheer for running and playing after a few weeks of weather that kept us in. We hope for sun to shine our players all season. At least after tomorrow -- when temperatures are to hover at the freezing mark. Brrrr. Those early games are always a test of true fandom! I hope that they develop the fundamentals, support each other and play hard.

Check out the zoom on Baby Sister. She is the tiny blond on the far left. 

Biggest Brother knows where to get a consoling hug after a tough loss.

In addition to learning about their sports and having a great time watching my smalls play with their friends, I love the sideline fellowship and socially acceptable shouting. We also bring good snacks.

Speaking of sports, today contractors in the kitchen spied my single trophy. Well. Yes. That IS my "1988 Superstar Girl" award! Indeed. I'm not seeking plaudits and doubt any other trophies are coming my way. I'm fine with that. Really. But beyond the kitsch decor, I feel genuinely happy to give this a place of honor. A wonderful thing about sports is the definitive win/loss factor. When you think about it, there are few times in life when wins are so clearly enumerated. Most of my days end reflecting on a mashup of jobs fairly well done and areas needing lots of improvement. But the shining successes topped off with faux gold statuettes? Those should be cherished. And prominently displayed in your home. Even decades beyond their prime.

That's also my decorating tip for the day.

So here we are enjoying the sporting life. This glorious season of playing. Grateful for the teamwork found in the gymnastics of logistics. It is a wonder to be witness to their enthusiasm, hard work and spirit in action.


PS: the trophy shot is from the old house. Coming soon are big reveal photos of our new house and the renovations. Or would you just settle for ones that show that we're making progress getting situated?! Those I might get to soon.

ha and xo

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  1. Such fun memories in the making with your children in sports. I'm sure people look forward to your snacks. You always brought the most delicious snacks at MWC.
    Please post any and all pictures of the house. In progress is always fun. Don't wait for it to be perfect, because it'll never be. Well, that's what I tell myself since I'm still deciding paint colors after living here for almost three years in July.
    Hope to be touring the new abode in 2015.