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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For This Child I Have Prayed

Our first baby girl made her First Holy Communion over the weekend. She is a real blessing. And a true dolly. I could stare at this picture for days. She was so proud of herself and joyful. We are, too. 

Her fan club was equally tickled and we were all a little taken aback to see her look so much more grown up.

There are lots of the every days and then there extraordinary ones like Sunday that seem to come and go so quickly. Really this whole school year has flown and now somehow we're just days away from the start of our summertime. 

Someday, I bet I'll look back at these pictures and think they look so little. But for the moment, I see whispers of their big selves in these images. Legs are getting longer, faces are thinning out. But I always see them snuggled up together.

I can imagine these pictures on display at graduations and weddings. I hope they'll always be nearby in the extraordinary and even ordinary days. Standing together and celebrating.

These are the days!  xo

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