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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Royal Wait

My own Big Brother should avert his gaze from this post. He tired of the royals in the late 60s I think. Bad news as he's one of about 3 or 4 people who read this blog. (Biggest Brother in our house revealed he gets it pushed to his inbox but doesn't always get around to reading it. I think he'll read it when I get to the one about his birthday. Even tho I'm a bit late on that account!)

And speaking of things overdue, we're really eager here for news of the Royal Baby's arrival! Well. I am. I cannot really speak for the rest of them but they'll be in on it before too long. I've warned my family to be ready for a festive dinner celebration. Also balloons and fanfare. Good timing for me to bring to the fore all sorts of royal memorabilia.

Two mornings in a row I've had coffee in mugs celebrating Prince George. Two different mugs as I'm that nutty and/or fortunate to have collected and been given gobs of adorable souvenirs. Here's hoping the Mister is ready to travel with a spare suitcase on his next London trip!

It would be extra fun if The Baby News happens while my mother is visiting this week as she can tell the kids about our watching Lady Di and Prince Charles get married from our family room in Virginia and how she saw Princess Diana at the Springfield JC Penney. True stories.

Meanwhile, we can think back to that great day when little Prince George arrived. When I swung by to add to the well wishers in the neighborhood. Those were the days, friends!

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