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Monday, July 22, 2013

A Day Fit for a King

Your girl Friday is in the waning days on the London beat. Tonight's assignment included happily walking across the park to celebrate the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge. Hooray!

We were awakened by booming thunder like I haven't heard in years. Which you don't hear very often here and oddly, wasn't accompanied by rain. Turns out that was just about the time the royal couple was heading to the hospital. Then while I was at the palace and not too long before his birth day came to a close, again the skies crashed with thunder. Seems sort of a poetic cosmic frame for such an important day.

Tomorrow is our last day of school. We needed this fantastic distraction from the prolonged goodbyes and the beautiful but equally excrutiating end of the year-ing. News of the baby's birth was well worth getting 3/4 of the kids out of bed to watch the BBC report. It also inspired me to take an evening stroll.

Of all the everydayness we've relished in being Londoners, there have also been spectacular world events on our doorstep. So it is a fitting end to our time here that the baby has arrived to such fanfare. Even that outside our flat. And you should know if it had happened days after we'd left I was going to be mighty out of sorts. Even more so than I already am.

Future monarch and joyous celebrations for the British aside, this is a super, hugely welcomed and perfectly timed point of light for my little clan! I'm hoping the Mister and I'll go back to the Palace tomorrow and I'm going to put together newspapers for our scrapbooks and my buddy at Camp Seafarer. You may call it denial, but keeping busy keeps the crying at bay. So does writing to you, so thanks for that.

Also, how amazing is it that I actually saw The Easel? No. I couldn't read it up close, either. But. Hooray, the baby and doubly so that we got to feel even a tiny bit a part of it.

And you know of my special feelings for the Victoria Monument. How fitting to see Charity keeping vigil over the crowd heralding a future king, now just hours old.

Meanwhile, I'm off to figure how much "God Save the Queen" paraphernalia I can squeeze into our air shipment.

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  1. Such a fantastic send off!! Good luck on the move!! London will miss you all.