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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ready, Steady, GO!

This being our third time to participate in Our Sweet School's amazing Sports Day, we were fully prepared, packed everything needed (and then some) and even the Mister and I were in team colors (Go, RED!). Which means, of course, that we're moving soon. Right? Seems our pattern that just as we get it all well sorted, it is about time to go.

Sports Day might be one of my favorite UK traditions. Think Field Day with very British charm. With people shouting, "Ready, Steady, GO!," parents attempting to do the events, lots of laughing and absolutely adorable children supporting each other in ways that would make you cry.

One of the best bits was just getting there. While we often run into another family or more en route to school, on Sports Day our 274 was positively jammed with friends from Our Sweet School. This might be the closest the smalls ever get to riding a school bus and it was an absolute delight!

Students at Our Sweet School are divided into 4 color-coded teams and siblings are always on the same team. This year, Biggest Brother was the captain of Team Red! If you've got to do your part in tug of war, I'm telling you, this is the guy you want to inspire you to victory.

Here's the winner of the Nursery Egg and Spoon Race. That was super to witness as it personified the maxim that "slow and steady wins the race" but watching her smiling while repeatedly falling down and getting right back up in her sack race was even better.

I'm confident the Mister and I aren't the dreaded helicopter parents, but we did offer about a kazillion suggestions to Biggest Brother on what he could say to fire up his team. Perhaps enough that he feared we were going to hoist a few cue cards. 

I am terrifically proud of my little team these days. For all the fun they've had with their school friends, for always trying so hard, for being living proof of getting back what you put in. You can be sure that I embraced the theme of RED for the day (everyone's packed lunches included red foods and napkins!) and also that I'm planning to host my own sports day in a big Nashville backyard before too long. 

So much to cheer for. Happy, healthy, strong. That's a sure victory before the first race has begun. 

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