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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wheels Down

These little people have been amazing. Their travel togs crack me up. The girls in Piggy Wiggly tees and the boys in their last day of school signed shirts.

We had safe travels and are ticking through our to-dos from the hotel while awaiting delivery of our shipments. Yesterday we got the smalls their (cute!) school uniforms and we're keeping busy shopping for cars, school supplies, furniture and a giant Target cart-load that made us feel like we were moving into the dorms. With four kids.

A few things we've noticed include how freezing we are in air conditioning, how much salespeople want to chat, and really, just everyone wants to talk and talk and talk. And we're pretty chatty people ourselves. You also should see the size of the hair bows at the school uniform shop. About the size of Baby Sister's face. Fantastic. 

We've received a warm welcome from seemingly all of Nashville and had Mexican food, too. So far, so good. Not yet out of the hotel, but a slow re-entry might be just what's required. 

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  1. Welcome home to the US!!!!! Hoping you have settled in even more since posting this!