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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The View from Here

We love Nashville and our new house. We're at home at school and church and are making super friends. LaLaLa.

But there are lots of days when I still really, really miss being a Londoner. (Missing most my fantastic girlfriends, of course!) One of my favorite things about living that life was walking. Full disclosure: the grass IS always greener. Pun intended. Sometimes when four kids left the flat walking in four directions, we groused about not being able to strap them into a car and go.

But we really loved exploring the city on foot and scooter. Walking through Hyde Park to play or for dinner. Meandering in our neighborhood and seeing something new every day. Being part of the constant excitement found just stepping out the door. The hub and the bub. In the wild thick of it.

It is mostly all different here. We have to have a car and can't walk to school or stores or much of anything. Skyline views are surely different, too.

But we can hike in our own backyard. We take glorious nature walks in our neighborhood. We wake to chattery songbirds. In the last few days, we've spied wild turkeys, chipmunks and snakes. The Mister and Biggest Brother have even seen a coyote!  The noisiest thing seems to be a babbling brook.

In the flat, our bare feet would be black from the soot that came chugging in the windows without screens. From the city life that was just a window crank away. Now I'm sweeping up all sorts of mud and leaves that get tracked inside. I'm on constant indoor insect duty from our woodland life. It is all different. And that's long before firefly season is upon us.

While some days it is still an adjustment to be here, I cannot complain about the view.

Happiest Earth Day. I'm serving up a "Jacket Potato" bar for dinner. Maybe we'll eat outside.

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