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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Home Again, Home Again.

Jiggity Jig!

Until you can come over, I thought you might like a sneak peak around the new house. We're really settling in and thrilled. So often one of the smalls says something about how much they love our home or how much it is like us. They're right! It is fun and casual and more laid back than any of our previous homes. It suits our now and is filled with favorites.

We spend an extraordinary amount of time in the kitchen. It is the heart of the home. Surely not because of my culinary skills. Can you see the original booth painted and resurfaced on the lower right?

Here's a real surprise. I thought the sunporch would be just sort of "there" until our next round of renovations. This is apparently A Thing that happens when you know that walls can come down and rooms can be reconfigured. You start considering all sorts of wild possibilities for your house and its future. But we spend lots of time playing, eating and just being in the sunroom/sunporch. It is the perfect spot for our outdoor couch and old kitchen table. And can you tell that is a Mr Ed door leading outside? Just getting to that little room is fun. Those lucky girls got a Mr Ed door on their bedroom, too. Their's was moved from the dining room.

Love this mid-century style light fixture. Even if it has been tricky to get the wattage right on all 18 bulbs. The electrician mentioned something about the switch plate doubling as a heat source if we didn't take it down a few 100 notches. That glow also makes it a challenge for my photography skills.

Breakfast room. Home to our old Marshall Field's table. The drawers have still not surfaced even tho we're pretty much unpacked. Geez. Check out the switch plate. It is home to a few of the kazillion dimmer switches I had installed. I bought old school round push button dimmers for about $1 each. They're among my favorite parts of our house.

Looking out toward the coolest front door I can imagine. This house makes me happy.

Guest room. Book soon and often!

Extra guests get to sleep in the pub!  The pub must have been home to lots of important Jack Daniels goings on, but I doubt many sleepovers.

The house's colors just tickle me. We went with grays in some spots, but otherwise it is chock full of happy hues. Pinks in the guest room, turquoise in the girls' (and on two doors) and even though I didn't get a shot of it, the coolest navy in the Music Room (which goes great with orange sparkle drums!). I'm determined to use that shade somewhere else.

What? You noticed our fab "new" end table? Ha! It is the previous owner's fantastic original RCA. Too amazing to leave in the basement.

One day soon we'll send actual "we've moved" cards for this house. Ideally while the whole topic is still fresh. We made an attempt to take a photo on Easter Sunday to enclose with our new contact information. This is as close as we got. Four people dressed and posed. And me chasing a stray. I love that the four of them are more focused on the camera than on the sudden departure of Baby Sister and me. ha! One day we'll get it together. Until then, enjoy the pix.

And by all means, start planning your trip to Music City. Where else can you sleep IN a pub?


  1. Love, love, love the house. It does you proud! What a wonderful family.

  2. Your house is gorgeous and so personal. I only hope we can make it to Nashville to see you and your wonderful family.