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Monday, November 7, 2011

Frogs Like To Kiss

Big Sister will only be 4 for a few more days.  Four is such a wonderful age and it has gone so quickly - what with moving twice, longing for her pink room, enduring my homeschooling, and becoming a little British girl and all.  

Today she told me she couldn't "make an heyach" with her hands and arms like she could other letters.  (Think YMCA arm motions).  She has already forgotten how we pronounce "h."  Her birthday list includes a Barbie, "girly books," and a keychain.  This list was much too short for Brothers so they're already conspiring to give her things they know she'd like but doesn't think to ask for -- especially pink LEGOs.  

Saturday will find her celebrating with lots small ladies from Reception at a tea party at our flat.  It is her first real party with friends.  Days ahead of her party, our home hasn't seen so much pink since she was born and mountains of pink gifts arrived daily.  It is a delight.  So is she. Also that she chose a frog cookie cutter for the tea because, as she explained, "frogs like to kiss!"  That made us all laugh, but somehow I think a table full of her tiny, fancy friends will completely understand and agree.


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