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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Proper Tea For Two

Make that thirteen.  But that's when you include Big Sister's siblings, two of whom were nice enough to help serve the multitude of little girls lunch, eat their own lunch in the kitchen, make a playlist and be the DJ, meet families at the door and direct them upstairs, and help translate American English for the guests.  One brother wanted to put cones out around his DJ booth, wear a whistle, and actually did wear a police/security badge.  They love a job -- I am grateful they were so helpful!

The tea was lovely and sweet in every way.  I told the girls to imagine they were having tea in a candy shop as there were jars and dishes filled with lots of sweets.  I confess to buying 100 candy necklaces and more gumballs than remotely reasonable.  This bounty was our first issue needing translation.  The British say "sweets" for candy.  When Big Sister told one of her first guests to "come see all the candy" it was met with a blank stare until we translated.  Also when I offered them "jelly sandwiches" until Biggest Brother told me that was akin to offering them Jello sandwiches (! who knew?) which explains the great relief on their little faces when it was discovered there was a tray of strawberry jam sannies.

The girls looked lovely and were dear little guests - sparkly, pink, and fluffy!  We are used to seeing them in blue polo shirts and navy sweatsuits (oh, the horrors Big Sister endures to attend her most lovely school!) so seeing them in their tiny feminine finest was a gift in itself!  Big Sister had a great time being hostess to her new friends and Baby Sister must have felt so fancy to be part of all the fanfare.

The girls were ready early and apologies for the poor photo, but I loved that they were peeping out the mail slot waiting their company.  It was a grand time of glitter stencils, decorating cookies, learning the "I'm a Little Tea Pot" song and dance, passing a stuffed tea pot (hot potato style), lunch, cake and gifts!  So grand that we skipped the Lord Mayor's fireworks that night.  But never fear - the celebrating goes on -- we're keeping the pink bunting (so British!) up until Friday when Big Sister actually turns 5 (and gets to wear her own clothes instead of a uniform to school -- what excitement!!!) and then our decor will turn to Thanksgiving...

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